What Is Homeowners Insurance

Why do you need homeowners insurance? Time to find out!

Homeowners Insurance 101 - western style home with patio and fire pit

When buying a home, and using a lender (which most of us do), you will need to purchase homeowners insurance.

Much like renters insurance, homeowners insurance covers the personal property you have inside your new home. Yet, unlike renters insurance, it does a lot more than that.

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The video below explains the six (6) parts that make up homeowners insurance, why those six parts are important, and why you have to have it. And, as I said before, lenders will most likely require it.

Should you watch the video, and have more questions, I would be happy to try to answer. Most likely though I will refer you to a few insurers that my clients have recommended, and that they trust with their insurance needs.

Featured Books About Homeowners Insurance

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