Trader Joe’s Christmas Tree

The perfect holiday tree for your home, condo, or apartment.

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I was in my local Trader Joe’s the other day, and sitting out on the sidewalk they had these great live pine Christmas trees.

When I saw them, I immediately thought about how great these would be for someone with limited space, who lives in a condo or perhaps apartment. One of these Christmas trees would be nice in your home too, perhaps on a small table or console.

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Granted one issue is that it is a live tree, and one problem would be that many apartments do not allow live trees. Though I am sure you might be able to sneak one in.

The other issue is that since it’s a live tree, I would think that after the holiday you would want to have it planted somewhere, but where?

I thought perhaps you would give it to a family member or friend, but then most of my friends would not want or need it in their yards.

So what to do with the your Trader Joe’s Christmas tree?

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Well, what I would suggest is that perhaps you call your local botanical garden or parks department and see if you could gift them the tree? I would think that most would accept it since it’s a living thing.

If all those options might fail, well in the end you could sneak somewhere and just plant it.

Or if you can’t plant the tree somewhere, I guess you could just throw it away. I would only do that after exhausting all other options.

As you can see these trees are super nice, with a pretty red ribbon, and situated in a holiday-themed bucket.

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The trees are quite full, at least those at my local Trader Joe’s were.

I would think that you could decorate it with Christmas ornaments or not, and it would look nice either way.

From what I remember the price for these was pretty great too, but alas I forgot to jot the price down.

Make sure you check these out next time you are in your local Trader Joe’s, especially if you are looking for a small Christmas tree.

Did you pick one of these up for your home? If so, post your comments below like how it looks, and how long it stays full and pretty.

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