Tasks: Deciding What to do First?!

How do You Prioritize Your Day and Your Life

If you are like most of us, you might be struggling with a list of “things to do”, that is long, diverse, and in many cases, consists of items long-since added to the list. I know myself, I have domains that I bought over two-years ago, that I need to cancel or use, that I still have on my list to do either one.

This morning, I set my alarm early enough to go to the gym, but instead tossed and turned in bed, then finally……reaching over to grab my iPhone. You thought that I was going to say “turn off the alarm”, or “turn on the light”, didn’t you! No, that was not what I did, I grabbed my phone instead.

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Laying there, I scrolled Twitter to see what today’s news was, did anyone send an early morning tweet? (wink wink) Then from Twitter I went to Facebook, to see what my friends were doing, had done since the last time I checked, or perhaps were they waking up too? Of course many were, and all of us on Facebook at the same time. Good way to start a Monday I thought.

Leather Journal for Writings Your Thoughts

ir?t=thematureman 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B01E9HP1SUAs I journal this morning, I re-thought my day yesterday where I searched online for some inspiration on how to get organized, and how to stop procrastinating so much.

At my more mature years, I struggle with it as much now as I did in my early years, and perhaps more so.

I say that because I think at my older years, I sometimes feel that I am on a major deadline, trying to get it all done before….you know what I might have said. That “thing” that we all know is going to happen, but we aren’t supposed to think about.

So, how do you decide what to do first? I watched several YouTube videos, read some articles, some inspiring quotes from great leaders, and even sought out some blog posts from others struggling with getting organized.

What did I find in my quest to find the true path of how to get things off my “to do list”, and onto my DONE!? Not much really other than its something many deal with, and there doesn’t seem to be a one-size fits all fix.

So, today I have my two-arms length list of “things to do”, it’s Monday a good start day, and I have to tackle it. I have to do one thing, an important thing, something that I can accomplish, that needs to really be completed, and something that may make my day better. I better put that on my list too!

Are you struggling with “list fatigue” too? Do you find yourself having more and more to get done, but you don’t know where to start? If you are of a certain age, do you sometimes find yourself feeling like you may never get done? 

Post your comments, suggestions, tips or tricks in the space below. Maybe together we can find a solution, and get at least one task off our lists!

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