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Avoid Overeating for Weight Loss - balloons

Tips to Avoid Overeating and Weight Gain

Enjoying the Party While Sticking to Your Diet This video offers tips on how to avoid overeating at parties, especially holiday parties, and the weight gain that comes with it. With the holidays being just around the corner, I thought this would be useful to publish. Plus for me it’s always good to be reminded. I found the video pretty helpful, because even though some of the tips already knew, there were others that I found were good to be reminded of again. One of the suggestions that I found a be really beneficial, was the idea that you plan to eat before you go to the party, so you won’t be tempted by the various sweets, and other items that are usually being served. I know myself if I don’t eat light, or not all before going to party, there’s a chance I will overindulged. If you are trying to avoid overeating, these tips are great ways to start! Remember drinking, does add a lot of calories too, so carry a bottle of water with you or pick one up on the way to the party. That way you’ll have something refreshing in your hand, and most people won’t ask about since it is so commonplace things days. Plus, it will help you from over indulging on adult beverages. Take a look at the video, and if you know of other suggestions post them in the comment section below! A reminder, some of the links above may be Amazon Affiliate links, and I do make a small fee if you purchase something using them. However, you don’t pay more, but the fee does help me pay for the site. Thanks in advance for your purchase, and for bookmarking the link, and buying often!  Video courtesy of Sixpack Shortcuts  

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Brick Wall - Setting Goals and Meeting Resistance on Day One!

Setting Goals and Meeting Resistance on Day One

How do you push back what some would call “failure”, and just reset and restart your goals? Well, alas I set my goals, but I met resistance on day one. I have not done so well so far with the gym. I took a turn for the worse health wise with a cold, then sleeplessness, and then just a big time round of lazy. So the result, haven’t gotten much exercise in, and certainly not meeting any goals that I have set. So, what does that mean? Not, doesn’t mean that I have given up, I just need to be more realistic, give myself a break, and start over. It’s ok to do that, because as you know any goal not met wasn’t really a goal anyway, just a wish. You can’t beat yourself up over it, just review, and persevere. The plan now is to focus on the blogging more (one of the goals), and see here I am doing it, and it’s almost 11 at night. Better late than never as they say. Plus in my column. On Tuesday, I hope to have a gym morning. Now, the reason I’m not starting tomorrow is simple. I tend to have trouble winding down on Sunday nights (like now), so come Monday a 5:00 a.m. wake-up call would not work. If I do as I did when I was more disciplined, I did see myself getting up early on all days, but it took the establishing of a routine, and I am far from that point just yet. So, there you have it. The old me might have said that I failed yet again, but this time will be different. It is different. I am going to just forget what I didn’t do, and focus on what I can do.

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The 100 Day Adventure - Fining my direction

The 100 Day Adventure

Well, today is the beginning of my 100 day adventure. At least that is what I am calling it anyway. 100 days or what may be the hardest thing that I have ever tried in my life, or perhaps will be 100 days of the easiest. Time will tell which one. I have read a lot of posts lately which speak of how someone go about defining goals, stop procrastinating on EVERYTHING, and get back on track. I am a huge (say it like Donald Trump) fan of procrastination. I’m not sure who I get it from, or perhaps I grew the trait on my own. (wishing that I could blame on someone else) Anyway, I love to put off till next month, what I can get done today in five minutes. Yes, it’s that bad, really. Doesn’t really what it is either. It can be starting a diet (more on that later). It can be doing accounting for my business, I don’t even want to dig into that just yet. It can be filing (yes, been known to hide files), and organizing documents. My procrastination can be something as challenging as taxes, light as taking things to Goodwill, making dinner plans for a Birthday, doesn’t matter. You name it, if I can put it off till later, I will put it off till the last panic-filled minute. So, now I am at yet another crossroads, and I am trying to take all the feedback from these articles, and I am trying something, an experiment. I have put in my calendar the following items for the next 100 days. First, it’s time for me to get back to the gym. Do something other than work on the computer all day, watching my butt grow with every Trader Joe’s chocolate peanut butter cup.

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