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Trader Joe's Mistletoe ready for the Christmas holiday

Trader Joe’s Mistletoe

Old-Fashion Mistletoe Bunched with a Red Bow, Perfect for Gift Giving Trader Joe’s is offering again this year their old-fashion cardboard boxes of mistletoe, bunched with a small red bow. My local store had this item last year and it appeared to be a great hit. I seem to remember that it sold out pretty early in the season. This year my local store appears to have a large inventory of the mistletoe, but who knows how fast it may sell? I will have to check later this week. It is marketed as being “real” mistletoe, and that it is. You may want to note though that I would call it “processed” since it has had its color enhanced to a pretty shade of green by the use of some sort of paint. As you can see above that the mistletoe seems to be one of the more common varieties you see, which from my understanding there are many to choose from. A note is that the mistletoe does come with a nice red ribbon, which makes it even more festive. The ribbon also adds some nice color against the green of the mistletoe. I’m not sure if this would be a suitable option for a lapel if you ever thought of that idea. Too big, and perhaps messy. However, Trader Joe’s mistletoe would look great hanging over a doorway. Once you hang it, the tradition is that you find your sweetie, or someone you care about it, and catch them under the mistletoe. The plan then is that you might kiss under the mistletoe. I would suggest asking the prospective kissee (?) first, especially these days. You don’t want to have a cold reception, or worse. At my local Trader Joe’s the mistletoe was priced very affordably. It would

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