Should I Stop Watching Political Shows on TV?

If I Stopped Watching Political Television, Would That Make Life Better?

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I woke up this morning, trying to get my thoughts clear in my head. As I often do, I opened up my diary, and started to download the day from yesterday, and any thoughts bouncing around in my head today.

One of the first thoughts that came bounding out was about a sense of stress that I had carried over from the night before. It was a stress, that had worsened toward the end of the night, due to watching about three (3) hours of political television.

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I work some pretty long days usually, and with me trying to diversify my income, and have something that I really enjoy doing, instead of just a job, I usually work well into the night.

Those long work days will usually end around either eight, or nine. What do I do then? Well, I settle into my well-worn sofa, to watch some TV.

What do I watch at such a late hour, just hours before I should be in bed? Well, I will turn on the TV, and watch political television shows. Well, I guess it’s supposed to be called news, but in reality these days, TV especially at night is pretty much nothing but politics, and posturing about politics.

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ir?t=thematureman 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B06XDQG92XIn my journal this morning, I wrote this: Should I stop watching politics? I mean, really what does it help? All it does is make me stew about things out of my control?

When I read back what I had written in my journal, I realized I have a big problem, and a big question to answer for myself.

Is watching the news at night really helping me? Is it something that enriches my life? Being informed about the goings on in the world, does that make my life better, and/or me a better person?

OK, I will admit I haven’t decided yet where the news, and politics figures into my life. I will have to figure it out!

I will ask you, do you have stress or anxiety about what you watch on TV? If so, how have you compartmentalized it? Do you even try?

Perhaps you are like many of my friends, and you have decided it is better not to know what is happening in the world, is that how you are handling the 24-hour news cycle?

Post your suggestions, comments, or the level of your own personal anxiety below, and perhaps we can help one another out.

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