Standing at My Monday Morning Crossroads… Again

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It is a Monday morning, and like many of the recent Monday mornings of weeks, or rather months past, I am at a crossroads. It’s funny how that happens so often as I get older. I mean, be at a crossroads of sorts, where I feel like I need to make changes in my life, and will know how to do it!

Like most men of my age, and one who has his own company, I spent most of my weekend playing catch-up. Actually I don’t think that is a task unique to the self-employed, because I remember my weekends being one of catching up on things, quite often when I was working for others. I guess in life, we are always working for others.

So my weekend was spent like most, doing chores, and trying to get boxes checked on my list. Always the first question, “where was I to start”? No, like most of you, though I did get started, many of those tasks stay on the list, to be done another day.

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Another thing that seems to happen often to me, is that despite my best efforts, I find myself falling off of my healthy-eating binge. I guess you can’t really call it a binge per se, since I do eat somewhat healthy all the time. Well, I mean, better food for you since it’s very little processed, or filled with sodium. I hear those are two big no no’s for any diet.

What I am really speaking of when I say that I fell off my diet, is that I started eating my healthy food. Yet, I ate a LOT of it. Everything tasted good, and when I meant to have a stick of cheese, I had three. When I was to have one serving of lasagna from Trader Joe’s, I had three. When I was only going to have a serving or two of trail mix, leaving some for other days, well I had almost half the bag.

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ir?t=thematureman 20&language=en US&l=li2&o=1&a=B01N1UX8RWSo, with that being said I am at that crossroads again. I weighed myself, and well lets just say I know where those nuts traveled, to my waist. No, I know not that quickly, but I already know that my clothing is tight.

Yet, I call Monday a crossroads, today a crossroads, since I can make a change today. I can’t think about it, or try to plot a course, I can just change. I can, can’t I? Time will tell won’t it!

Do you find yourself at a “crossroads” in your weight challenge often? If so, how do you get past it, and move on to a healthier you? Share your comments, suggestions, or thoughts below!

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