Setting Goals and Meeting Resistance on Day One

How do you push back what some would call “failure”, and just reset and restart your goals?

Get Stuff Done Goal Setting JournalWell, alas I set my goals, but I met resistance on day one. I have not done so well so far with the gym. I took a turn for the worse health wise with a cold, then sleeplessness, and then just a big time round of lazy. So the result, haven’t gotten much exercise in, and certainly not meeting any goals that I have set.

So, what does that mean? Not, doesn’t mean that I have given up, I just need to be more realistic, give myself a break, and start over. It’s ok to do that, because as you know any goal not met wasn’t really a goal anyway, just a wish. You can’t beat yourself up over it, just review, and persevere.

The plan now is to focus on the blogging more (one of the goals), and see here I am doing it, and it’s almost 11 at night. Better late than never as they say. Plus in my column.

On Tuesday, I hope to have a gym morning. Now, the reason I’m not starting tomorrow is simple. I tend to have trouble winding down on Sunday nights (like now), so come Monday a 5:00 a.m. wake-up call would not work.

If I do as I did when I was more disciplined, I did see myself getting up early on all days, but it took the establishing of a routine, and I am far from that point just yet.

So, there you have it. The old me might have said that I failed yet again, but this time will be different. It is different. I am going to just forget what I didn’t do, and focus on what I can do. And, I know that I can do this!

Have you struggled like this with your work-out routine? Were you able to get past the struggle, and really dedicate yourself to better health? What steps did you take to get you there?

Share in the comments section below, and perhaps help me, and others!