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Best quotes on Schitt’s Creek Quotes from David, Moira, Alexis, Stevie, Roland & Johnny

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After your first time watching, you know that the Canadian TV show Schitt’s Creek has some great quotes, and fun one-liners.

The television show is being offered with the exception of the last season on Netflix. (that will come later this year)

If you don’t have Netflix, perhaps your local cable operator offers PopTV (mine does) because it is also shown there, including the sixth and final season.

If you don’t have either, you most likely have at least heard about Schitt’s Creek.

I like many of you had heard about it for a while, even my youngest sister saying that “I would love it”. However, I never got around to checking it out until I noticed again that it was on Netflix. I then checked it out for the first episode.

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Well, all I can say is, “what took me so long”?!

The first episode of Schitt’s Creek introduces you to the Rose family, Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis.

The first episode starts with this very rich family, a bit over-the-top rich even, being greeted at the door by federal agents. Essentially from that scene, we watch them lose everything.

Well, they don’t quite lose everything, but close. Moira gets to keep her many wigs.

She and the rest of the family get their extravagant, and very fashion-forward wardrobes to take with them.

Another item that they get to keep, they don’t have to pack into a box, bag, or suitcase. It’s the small Canadian (we assume since the show is filmed in Canada) town of Schitt’s Creek, named after the family of its Mayor.

Well, I don’t want to give the details of the show away, let’s just say after their arrival to Schitt’s Creek, to the “Motel” which they must call “home” things get pretty funny from there.

The Rose family has to settle into their new life having no money, with only the frocks on their backs (and hangers). And in the case of Moira, the wigs that she puts on nails in her motel room.

The Rose’s also have to set out for some degree of normalcy as the four of them have to start living in two adjoining rooms in the rather rundown roadside motel.

Just set that scene up in your head, four people leaving a mansion and servants galore to living in a motel. You will have an idea of where things go from there. Well, maybe not.

And the Rose’s then have to find a life, and in turn love in the very small town of Schitt’s Creek. I won’t give up more, just watch the show.

Schitt’s Creek is comedic genius on so many levels, not only the delightful casting, but the writing, costuming, and the good nature of the show.

Also, the subject matter of Schitt’s Creek can vary greatly even within one episode, as well as the arch of the show. So many bellies laughs to be had, tears to be shed, and so much more.

Yes, this is a show that you will binge, perhaps again and again. I hope you can check it out.

One of the many funny parts about Schitt’s Creek is the funny, and delightful one-liners and quotes that the characters sling around starting from the very first episode of the show.

You will find that many of them become catchphrases, some become iconic to the persona of the individual character.

Some quotes and sayings just get sneaked into the conversation, whether to make you laugh or cry.

Below are some of the many quotes from Schitt’s Creek, who said them, and when.

That is when I can remember who said what.

Some of the quotes do become iconic to the point you never really remember when you heard it first, but you remember each time it made you smile.

Ew, David

This is one line that you will hear from the first episode, and I will assume till it’s last. It is classic Alexis (David Rose’s sister), and is used in so many fun-filled ways

Check out this fun video compilation of the many times that Alexis has said “Ew David”.

You Get Murdered First

You hear this line during the first episode, and without giving the scene away, it will have you rolling on the floor.

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Check out the video here to see the scene for the first time, or again, and be ready to laugh!

Fold in the Cheese

This line is from what you will find or have found to be one of the more funny scenes in the show.

Yet, this scene we have all had plays out in each of our lives in one way or another. Trying to help someone else cook something.

This line is from the Schitt’s Creek episode, “Family Dinner” from the second episode and season of the show. Watch the episode below, and be ready for a big laugh.

I can’t watch this scene enough, it reminds me of so many times that I have tried to help in the kitchen.

Rose Apothecary

Though not a quote, or funny saying if you have watched Schitt’s Creek, you know that this is the name of the business that David, and his business partner/fiancee’ Patrick own.

Looks like such a great store, I am sure that I am not the only one who wishes that Rose Apothecary was in my neighborhood.

David Stop Acting Like a Disgruntled Pelican

A classic Moira Rose line to her son David when he was acting up. Take a look at the video below to put the line into context.

The line “David stop acting like a disgruntled pelican” is about halfway through the scene. Take a look!

I’d Kill for a Good Coma Right Now

Another of the great lines that Moira Rose uses in the show. Moira said this one during the first season, the thirteenth episode. Make sure to listen for it when you watch the show the next time.

I Love That Journey for Me

One of the great lines that Alexis uses in the show. She said this one during the first season, very early on during the second episode if I am remembering correctly.

Gossip is the Devil’s Telephone, Best to Just Hang Up

A bit of wisdom was shared by Moira Rose on Schitt’s Creek. This great line was from the episode titled “Girl’s Night”, from season four, episode four.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B083WHS4J4&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=thematureman 20&language=en US

As well as the fun mug above, some talented folks have come up with some other Moira Rose products, take a look.


David wears so many great t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts in the show. This is another one that though simple in its phrasing, can give so many meanings.

David wore this great shirt during season five, episode eight.

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Be’be’ It’s Cold Outside

I wish that I had a dollar for every time that Moira used “Be’be'” in a line. You can check out some of the many times in the video compilation below.

A mash-up of the many times that Moira Rose has used her classic line “Be’Be'”.

You are Blind to Reality and for That I am Most Proud

Another outstanding line from Moira Rose was first used in season one, episode two.

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Rose Apothecary

More items from various vendors and sources with the Rose Apothecary theme.

Just a reminder, read the reviews to help you make your decision on items being of the best quality.


David wore a version of this shirt in at least one episode and I just really liked it. A great conversation starter…or stopper.

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A Little Bit Alexis

In season five in the episode titled “The Hospies” we got to see Alexis audition for the local Schitt’s Creek production of “Cabaret“.

Though the clip for ‘A Little Bit Alexis” is pretty short (see below), ironically when it first aired on the show it spurred the song to be downloaded enough that it made it to the upper reaches of the music charts.

Hide Your Diamonds, Hide Your Exes…I’m a Little Bit Alexis

One of the fun lyrics from the song and video is “A Little Bit Alexis”.

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Never Let the Bastards Get You Down

A bit of wisdom from Moira Rose.

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Best Wishes, Warmest Regards

A classic David Rose line, so funny. Check out the fun t-shirt below, and even the crazy fun doormat.

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I’m a Ray of Sarcastic Sunshine Every Single Day

Another classic David Rose line.

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Have a Blessed Day

Another of the fun lines that David Rose has shared on the show.

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I’m Trying Very Hard Not To Connect with People Right Now

A fun line that David Rose has used more than once on Schitt’s Creek.

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This Wine is Awful, Get Me Another Glass

Love this Moira Rose line which is from the episode of the shooting of “The Crow’s Have Eyes 3 – The Crowening”.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B07QD81FFG&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=thematureman 20&language=en US

Check out the trailer for Moira Rose’s movie “The Crow’s Have Eyes 3 – The Crowening” below.

Don’t Worry, It’s His Sister

Signage and other fun products that tie back to the city of Schitt’s Creek entry sign.

It’s My Turn to Take a Selfish

LOVED this line that both Alexis and David tried to use in one of the earlier episodes of Schitt’s Creek.

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B0834D6571&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=thematureman 20&language=en US

Welcome to the Gun Show

This line is one from one of the more center episodes of season 6, tying back to when David’s fiancee’ Patrick takes off his jacket, and his tighter than normal shirt shows his physique.

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Well, alas as you can see below, season 6 is the last season for Schitt’s Creek. For those of us who have connected with the Rose family, and life in Schitt’s Creek, when the show ends, it will be a sad day.

The great thing is that we will have the six seasons of the show to watch over and over again (already doing that here).

Perhaps in the future, Dan Levy will come up with an idea for the show to continue, or perhaps a feature movie like Downton Abbey did.

It’s the End…the Season 6 Trailer

So, what were your favorite episodes, or scenes from Schitt’s Creek? Post your comments below.

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