Standing at My Monday Morning Crossroads…Again

Standing at My Monday Morning Crossroads… Again

It is a Monday morning, and like many of the recent Monday mornings of weeks, or rather months past, I am at a crossroads. It’s funny how that happens so often as I get older. I mean, be at a crossroads of sorts, where I feel like I need to make changes in my life,…

Saturday Morning Gym Reminder - Runner

Saturday Morning Gym Reminder

Setting Goals to Do Something for Yourself Like many Saturday mornings, I stand ready to try to figure out what I am going to do today? Yes, actually like many of you, I have a long “to-do” list. I have many things to get done today, and this weekend. Something about making a list of…

Remembering Lessons Already Learned Before!

Remembering Lessons Already Learned Before!

It has been several weeks now since I last wrote, and I have many reasons. One is that I have started some new business ventures that have pulled me away a bit. You know how those can be, easy to get immersed in getting ready, to get ready. Second is that my primary job for…

Tasks: Deciding What to do First?!

Tasks: Deciding What to do First?!

How do You Prioritize Your Day and Your Life If you are like most of us, you might be struggling with a list of “things to do”, that is long, diverse, and in many cases, consists of items long-since added to the list. I know myself, I have domains that I bought over two-years ago,…

5 Dos and Donts for Mature Men

5 Things that a Mature Man Does or Doesn’t Do

The Changes We Make in Our Life As you grow older, you make changes in your life. As a mature man, those changes can be subtle, but sometimes they seem to be much more drastic. As little as social nuances or adjustments, to as big as what type of guff you will accept from others, or…

Avoid Overeating for Weight Loss - balloons

Tips to Avoid Overeating and Weight Gain

Enjoying the Party While Sticking to Your Diet This video offers tips on how to avoid overeating at parties, especially holiday parties, and the weight gain that comes with it. With the holidays being just around the corner, I thought this would be useful to publish. Plus for me it’s always good to be reminded….

A real challenge this year, but why?

A real challenge this year, but why?

Pots, Kettles, Trainers and Stand-Up Desks It has been a real challenge this year taking care of my weight, and trying to get a real handle on it. Even more so, after having to drop my trainer for financial reasons. I thought that I had learned a lot when I was working out with him,…