Must Haves for a Man Cave

Ideas for Decorating and Outfitting Your Man Cave

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There are many items that you need to have a great man cave, some expensive and some not so much. A man cave can be a guys oasis, much like a she shed can be for the females. Below are some of the must-haves for your man cave.

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Recliner or Sectional Furniture

One of the first items that you need for your man cave is some excellent seating. Depending on what you plan to use your man cave for, you may want to start with a recliner or even sectional furniture.

A recliner will be a must-have if you plan to have a more intimate man cave, a place pretty much for yourself, and just a few buddies. A recliner or two will allow you to settle in and watch the big game or binge watch TV in comfort.

If you plan to have many friends over to watch the game, or perhaps watch movies, then a nice sectional would be perfect. 

You can get sectional furniture in many coverings these days, from fabric with Scotchguard type treatments to leather, which will repel any spilled beer or crushed chips.

Some sectionals offer more than just seating. You can now get sectional systems with lighting, jacks for phones, and even hidden cubbies and recliner features. 

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It is pretty much up to you how you want to furnish your man cave space. It can be straightforward, only allowing yourself and a few friends, or more like a home theater set-up or lounge. It is open to your imagination.

Below are three (3) of the best selling leather sectional sofas on Amazon. If you don’t see one you like, click on any image for other options.

Stereo or Sound System

For a proper man cave, you also have to set a mood, especially when the TV is not the center of the day’s activities. One of the best ways is by having a superior stereo system set up in your space. 

From simple one unit types like a Bose Wave radio, there are many options or something more elaborate like a rack system like some of those below. 

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A suggestion is if you will have music be a significant element in your man hideaway, and if your space is still being built out or is under construction is to have the speakers placed in the walls. That will allow the music to be more subtle by not seeing unsightly speakers and wires.

If you are like some of us, I included where you like the newest equipment, or if you think your electronics equipment might change often, hidden stereo speakers may not be a good idea. In that case, you can place the speakers in out of sight spaces allowing you to remove them when needed.

Cooler or Fridge – Must Haves for a Man Cave

A must-have for most men when building out their hideout is to have a beer cooler, perhaps a wine chiller or beverage and wine storage unit

If you plan to entertain in a big way, and if the kitchen is upstairs or on the other side of the house, a full-size refrigerator may be in order.

Below are some options that you may want to consider for your man cave or basement hangout.

DVD Player, DVR, and Another Option

Another item you will certainly want to have is a DVD player and or a DVR system. That way, you can watch your movies on demand or when you have recorded them.

Another better idea, and what I have at my own home, is a DVD player and Apple TV. Apple TV is a great unit to have, mainly if you already use the iTunes store for music and podcasts. 

With the Apple TV cube, you can download movies and TV shows and watch when it’s convenient, or you want to entertain. Plus, you can use the system apps to watch other TV programming on streaming services.

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Computer or Gaming System

If you might be considering having a small office in your man cave, having a computer might be nice to have. 

However, if you can get away with not having your office close by, I would suggest skipping this item. It may be too tempting to use it for work.

However, if you might be a gamer, or perhaps want to start gaming, then having a computer is a must-have. Sure, there are even computers made specifically for gaming, and some of the gaming computer option below. 

Click on any of the items below to read specifications, reviews, and see pricing.

Game Tables and Arcade Games

Nothing is as fun or a throwback to years gone is to have a classic arcade game in your man cave.

As you can see below, the options are pretty varied from simple table-top models to elaborate floor-standing machines, like we used to play on in the ’80s and ’90s. 

(click on the images below to learn more, see pricing, or see other arcade games available)

You can also outfit your man cave if you have space to spare with a game table or tables. You can consider a classic pool table, perhaps if you are limited in area, a foosball or air hockey table. If you have lots of room, consider adding a ping pong table.

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Cool Signs for Your Man Cave

No man cave would be complete without a cool sign or two. You can get simpler ones made of plastic, metal, or wood. However, if you want to make things exciting, you might consider any neon or lighted models shown below.

Belly Up to the Bar

Like having a cooler for beverages or perhaps a refrigerator, having a bar is a neat way to make your man cave truly a great place to chill and hang out. 

You can build your bar using any of these plans or create your own. 

If you aren’t handy or don’t have the time to build a bar yourself, consider any of these prebuilt bars and refreshment centers.

In Closing

As you can see above, you have many decisions and options for your new man cave. 

Your creativity can run wild with the options have and can be determined by the space you can use, the uses you see for your man cave, and of course, your budget.

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