Messenger Bags for Men

The perfect daily bag for a man, the over the shoulder or messenger bag.

A selection of brown leather messenger bags for men

Ladies often flaunt their pocketbooks proudly. Some ladies have a different purse for every outfit they own, but what do men have? Perhaps they might have one of the newer (or older) messenger bags made for just for men.

Most times, men only leave the house with their wallets and car keys. Like women, men too have items that they need daily. So what is the ideal carrier that men can use that serves a dual purpose, of not only doing the job it’s intended for, but that is fashionable as well?

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If you fall into the category of the “fashionable man” or even the “professional one,” I highly recommend a messenger bag.

The Mailman Has a Bag

Messenger bags for men have been around for several decades.

Do you remember when you were younger, and the postman stopped by with the daily mail? He wore a messenger bag that gave him easy access to the myriad of packages he had to deliver throughout the neighborhood.

Did you know that messenger bags for men have been around from way before that? Messenger bags came into being in the 1950s. However, it was not until 1984 that they became integrated into the fashion world.

Messenger bags for men are typically rectangular shaped with a long strap, often worn over the shoulder or across the body.

The material varies from leather to canvas, depending on your style preference. You can purchase a messager bag in stores or online for as low as $20 to as high as several thousand dollars for a designer bag.

Messenger bags should be a staple in every man’s closet.

They are durable. The material used to make these bags is usually long-lasting.

You can use a messenger bag to carry office supplies; then, your bag can last for a long time.

I wouldn’t suggest that you use your bag to carry heavy items such as a laptop. Use your bag instead to bring your paperwork, documents, cell phone/tablets, and perhaps your lunch. Looks much better than a paper sack.

Messenger bags are comfortable. It is effortless to carry these bags around. Place your bag across your shoulder, and you are good to go.

Rustic brown two-strap messenger bag for a man

Messenger Bags as a Fashion Accessory

The classic messenger bag has been around for decades, yet they are still widely used — never seen as old-fashioned as they are even more relevant today.

They are still very much in style, and I cannot foresee when they will ever become obsolete.

They are versatile. Be it a day when you have to dress for a business meeting at the office or head on the road to conduct business; a messenger bag is ideal for just about any occasion.

They look good with any outfit you choose to wear, be it a suit or only a pair of jeans.

You don’t need a different bag for every outfit like the ladies do. A solid brown or black messenger bag will make you look good in anything you choose to wear.

3 of the Best Selling Men’s Messenger Bags

Stay Organized with a Messenger Bag

Messenger bags help with organization. Yes, there are times when we cannot find essential documents because we often misplace them. It is only natural.

Based on how the messenger bag is designed, there are usually pockets that you can use to organize your documents. These pockets make it very easy for you to access your paperwork when the need arises.

It would not be fair only to outline the benefits of owning a messenger bag for men, so let us look at the downside.

These bags may become uncomfortable and place the shoulder under unnecessary stress. However, this only happens when it isn’t used for its intended purpose.

Messenger bags cannot facilitate bulky items, so bringing a laptop in a bag is certainly not recommended as it will put your shoulder under significant pressure.

The benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. Is this the year you can bring some semblance of order to your life by being more organized.

No longer do you need to ransack the house or office looking for essential documents. Organize them in your messenger bag, and guess what? You will still look professional and fashionable with this must-have staple. Gentlemen, get that messenger bag, you will thank me later.

Drop me a line below, do you use a messenger bag versus a regular briefcase or tote? What benefits or drawbacks have you seen since you have started to use it?

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