Change the Locks!

Just bought a new home? Change the locks, NOW!

Why you want to change the locks as soon as you close on your new home - wooden door with handle and keys

So you looked and looked and looked, and you found the perfect house. You negotiated, you inspected, and you moved in. Now, what do you need to do? You need to change the locks.

Well, the first thing you should do, perhaps even before the big move-in, is changing the locks, both front and back!

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Watch the video below to learn more about the locking systems used on a house. Why it is so important to change the locks on doors, both front and back.

Also, the video will show you the installation methods for installing exterior (or interior) door locks on your new home (or existing).

Also, the video explains why it is so important to change the locks as soon as you close or get the keys to your new place.

If you might need the locks before your move, see the sections below for a great selection of door locking systems, and accessories.

Click on any of the images to read reviews, get specifications, and to see current pricing.

Shop for Mechanical Exterior Door Locks

These are the more “traditional” locking systems that we are most used to. Click on any image for more details of these mechanical locks for the exterior doors of your home.

Shop Electronic Exterior Door Locking Systems

Are you ready for an upgrade, now that you have a new home? These are the latest in electronic locks for your home.

Some of these are the newer pushbutton type locks, and others are even newer technologies that incorporate your mobile phone, and incorporate cameras in the locking system. Great for keeping an eye on your home when you are away.

Interior Electronic and Traditional Door Locking Mechanisms

While upgrading your locks on the exterior doors of your home, don’t forget any locks on the interior.

Even if you may not have full-door locks, maybe it’s time for new, updated finishes and hardware?!

Exterior and Interior Door Hardware and Accessories

More door hardware and accessories for both interior and exterior doors, and cabinets.

Click on any image below for other options, reviews, and specifications.

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