In Search of the Perfect House Slippers

In search of the perfect house slippers

Maybe not the perfect shoes, but these are great for the colder months.

It’s my task every few years since having moved north. The search for the perfect house slipper, or shoe.

As I have gotten older my feet get cold during the winter months. Whereas a nice pair of socks use to suffice, now I have to wear lighter-weight pair of house slippers.

My house slippers of many years finally gave up on me recently, or vice versa. Well, actually I saw my toe poking out one day, so I knew it was time for a new pair.

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The trouble with men’s house slippers is that they are pretty hard to find in stores, and even when you can find them, the selection and sizes are always poor.

Sure you can visit the more fine men’s stores. And yes they may have something that would be called a house slipper, but you will easily end up paying $50, $90, or even more for a pair.

For my budget and my use, a generic pair of house slippers does the trick for me.

I tried to get the same pair that I had before, but alas they were nowhere to be found. So with that being said, I had to find another option.

I stumbled on these Urban Fox Jackson slippers and after reading the reviews online, I knew that they would be fine for me.

First, they were inexpensive, just a bit over $12 when I bought them.

Second, they looked pretty warm, with the micro-suede, rubber-soles, and faux fur trim. Not too much so, but perfect for in the house.

So, I picked out my suggested (normal) size, using the reviews as a guide to how the fit was. They arrived just a few days later, thank you Amazon.

First off, these are actually pretty nice looking. The micro-suede is a rich black color and looks good. And they offer dark brown and tan too, or at least they did when I ordered them.

The stitching on the shoes looks nice, and everything on the shoe appears to be bonded pretty well.

I am pleased with them except for one, rather two details.

First off, if you are flat-footed like me, be aware that they have very little arch support. Sure you aren’t running races in them, but you will want to be aware, especially if you are walking on a lot on hard flooring surfaces. Or if you have flat-feet like me!

Second, and most important is that they fit larger, and on top of that they stretch a bit over time.

Sure, they are comfortable, with the sizing being already larger than the size you buy. They are comfortable from day one, but they become a slipper that sometimes acts like a large flip-flop when they stretch further. Size your house shoes accordingly.

I have had these a month now, and wear them almost every day, and they are holding up well, other than the sizing issue. I am pleased with the purchase, and they do keep my feet warm.

To see a selection of Urban Fox slippers, the same house shoes I bought, click here. Want to consider another option in house shoes, or want to compare, click here.

Perhaps you prefer sock feet in the winter. I used to be that way, but with age, my feet get cold, even if the rest of me is having a hot flash.

So, if you are considering a house slipper for these cool months of winter, I would say that this is a good shoe for the money.

Don’t just take my word for it, click here to read reviews, and decide for yourself. Just keep in mind what I said about sizing.

So, do you wear house slippers in the cooler months? What is your preference, a slipper shoe, or a slip-on, or maybe some other style? Post your comments or suggestions in the space below.

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