How to Install a Ring Doorbell

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DIY Video on How to Install a Ring Doorbell

Installing a Ring doorbell is an easy task for most people as it is. That is unless you are me, in which case I have to slow myself down and actually read the instructions, or in this case watch the video. Most likely more than once!

With a Ring doorbell with video, they make it even easier since they give you almost everything you need to get the job done. (patience not included)

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You have several options usually including hardwired or battery, but each Ring doorbell option is different, so get the one that works best for your lifestyle.

The video below is pretty detailed, and includes all the steps from unboxing the Ring doorbell, to the tools you need to the actual install. I would suggest watching on an iPad if you have one, so you can stop and start it easily as you go through each step.

Of course Ring does include a great help line from what I am told, so you can always reach out to them for help.

Don’t have a Ring yet, but are just considering getting one? See the images below the video for all the options currently available from Amazon (note affiliate links, see bottom of page for details) for not only doorbells, but other Ring equipment.

I hope that this video is helpful. Feel free to post any challenges, or successes you have with installing your Ring doorbell in the comment section below!

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Ring and Other Manufacturers of Video Doorbell

Not sure if you want to buy a Ring video doorbell, and want to see pricing and reviews on other manufacturers? You can do that using the images below, and you can even purchase from any of the links.

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