How to Choose and Install Laundry Appliances

Shopping for new laundry appliances? Reliability is only one of the considerations for choosing and install laundry appliances

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If you shop for appliances, you will want to find out how to determine what is the most reliable brand of washers and dryers. Yet, there are other considerations to be determined when deciding how to choose and install laundry appliances.

No, not all washers and dryers are the same. Depending on your budget, how often you will be using it, and how you will be using it, will determine what type of clothes washer, and ultimately what type of dryer you will need.

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Check out the video below to learn more about washers and dryers, and how choosing the right type will help you not only in doing your laundry but also save money too!

Top and Front Load Washers Currently Available

If you might be considering purchasing a new washer, check out these well-priced options.

Your budget is the biggest consideration, but like the video above suggests, also consider energy usage, and how often you will be doing laundry.

Also, you will want to read the reviews, and perhaps consult with publications like Consumer Reports to find what is the most reliable brand(s) of washers and dryers.

Click on any image below to see options, descriptions, specifications, and reviews. Also, click on images to see other manufacturers’ machines.

Buying a New Washer, You May Want to Consider a New Dryer Too?!

As the video suggests, when you buy a new washer, you may want to replace your dryer as well.

Today’s, dryers are so much more energy-efficient versus those of years ago, so buying a new one now will most likely save you money.

Click on the images below to see details of each dryer, and read reviews. Also, clicking any image will also show you other dryer options, and manufacturers.

Laundry Hampers and Baskets for Your Home

Perhaps it’s time for a new clothing hamper or basket. Take a look at the cool options below, that will make laundry less of a chore. (maybe)

To see details of any hamper, click on the image. Also, shop other styles by clicking any image below.

Powders and Liquids for Laundry and Clothing Care

Do you need to stock up on laundry detergent, or maybe dryer sheets? Click on the images below to shop for major brands, and specialty supplies for washing and drying clothes at home.

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