Getting Enough Sleep and What Happens When I Don’t

The “Roller-Coaster” Ride When I Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Getting more sleep is not as easy as it sounds in our fast-paced world these days is it?

They say at a minimum a person should have at least six hours, and for the many of us seven, eight, or even more is best. I have grown up to being one of the eight-hour sorts, but I don’t get those needed hours that often.

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Last night when I was doing some late work, with the absence of really anything quality that I felt like watching on TV, I realized that if I really wanted to get eight hours, it was time for bed. So, that is what I did, I went to bed.

As I approached my nightstand, I told Siri to set the alarm for eight hours later. Sure that may mean not a full-eight hours, but it would be close enough considering that I was already tired, and I knew that I wouldn’t be awake lying in bed too long. I rarely toss and turn.

My routine upon going to bed is usually to just get my iPad, start to read an automobile, or some other light-reading magazine, and usually within pages, I find myself being sleepy. Usually not more than 15 – 20 minutes tops.

Last night, instead of reading though, I instead decided that I would watch something light in nature on Netflix. Much like when I read a magazine, I found myself ready to turn off the light within about 15 minutes. I didn’t see much of that show.

Eight full hours later, yes I hit the snooze alarm on my iPhone for an hour, I felt rested, and focused. Of course some of that could be the coffee, but I like to think that it was the good nights sleep that I got.

The real test for me, or rather when I really know I got a good nights sleep the night before, will be later today.

For me, I have noticed more often of late, that when I go, one, two, maybe more nights without a full-nights sleep, that my healthier routines, go haywire. I stop progressing and find myself instead, binge eating, and eating what I shouldn’t, and what I don’t really want in my body.

Also, when I don’t get enough sleep for nights in a row, I find myself to be irritable. More often I find myself to be moody, and a bit defeated. Yes, for me they are quite different.

Being moody is the condition when I find myself, is most troubling. When I find myself feeling that way, my progress with my work suffers, and my business stops moving ahead. I feel as I said earlier defeated, and a bit hopeless in my pursuits.

When I don’t get enough sleep, I feel much like a log, or a ball being pushed up a hill. My mood is like the round object being pushed, yet when it nears the top, it starts to roll backward. There is little that can be done to stop it!

I am going to try to get more sleep. Eight hours are the goal, since I know at my age what I prefer, and what my body does best with. I don’t like that feeling of rolling backward, and my body doesn’t either!

Do you have trouble getting eight hours sleep? How do you make sure that you do? How do you feel when you don’t?

Perhaps you are like many of my friends, and you don’t need as much as eight hours sleep. How many do you function best with?

Do you use sleep aids to help you sleep, like melatonin, or similar?

Post your comments on how you get, and stay asleep below. I look forward to reading them. ?

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