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Man Sleeping on His Back

Getting Enough Sleep and What Happens When I Don’t

The “Roller-Coaster” Ride When I Don’t Get Enough Sleep Getting more sleep is not as easy as it sounds in our fast-paced world these days is it? They say at a minimum a person should have at least six hours, and for the many of us seven, eight, or even more is best. I have grown up to being one of the eight-hour sorts, but I don’t get those needed hours that often. Last night when I was doing some late work, with the absence of really anything quality that I felt like watching on TV, I realized that if I really wanted to get eight hours, it was time for bed. So, that is what I did, I went to bed. As I approached my nightstand, I told Siri to set the alarm for eight hours later. Sure that may mean not a full-eight hours, but it would be close enough considering that I was already tired, and I knew that I wouldn’t be awake lying in bed too long. I rarely toss and turn. My routine upon going to bed is usually to just get my iPad, start to read an automobile, or some other light-reading magazine, and usually within pages, I find myself being sleepy. Usually not more than 15 – 20 minutes tops. Last night, instead of reading though, I instead decided that I would watch something light in nature on Netflix. Much like when I read a magazine, I found myself ready to turn off the light within about 15 minutes. I didn’t see much of that show. Eight full hours later, yes I hit the snooze alarm on my iPhone for an hour, I felt rested, and focused. Of course some of that could be the coffee, but I like to think that it was

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5 Dos and Donts for Mature Men

5 Things that a Mature Man Does or Doesn’t Do

The Changes We Make in Our Life As you grow older, you make changes in your life. As a mature man, those changes can be subtle, but sometimes they seem to be much more drastic. As little as social nuances or adjustments, to as big as what type of guff you will accept from others, or will not. These are the 5 things that a mature man will usually do, or not do as they grow older. 1. Don’t sweat the future, it’s here already! The mature man will stop worrying about the future as much. They will realize that though they still want to plan for retirement, that is if it is even possible, they won’t sweat the small stuff. I think that some of the reason is that you realize that the blessing is to still be alive, since you will know so many who you used to know, who are not. 2. Stop running the streets all night, and sleeping all day! Yes, it was fun when we were younger, and was always such a kick to walk out of the bar or club and see the sun already be coming up, peering over the trees, but we don’t want to do that anymore. Instead we enjoy the idea of getting to bed early, and waking to watch the sun come up on our own terms, usually with a cup of coffee. 3. They like to see, and spend time with their Parents. The mature man realizes that time is precious and it doesn’t last forever. They understand the physical nature of life. They also realize that with that, that means that their parents are usually 18, or more years older than themselves, so they most likely will not be around forever. Perhaps medicine will change that someday, but

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Avoid Overeating for Weight Loss - balloons

Tips to Avoid Overeating and Weight Gain

Enjoying the Party While Sticking to Your Diet This video offers tips on how to avoid overeating at parties, especially holiday parties, and the weight gain that comes with it. With the holidays being just around the corner, I thought this would be useful to publish. Plus for me it’s always good to be reminded. I found the video pretty helpful, because even though some of the tips already knew, there were others that I found were good to be reminded of again. One of the suggestions that I found a be really beneficial, was the idea that you plan to eat before you go to the party, so you won’t be tempted by the various sweets, and other items that are usually being served. I know myself if I don’t eat light, or not all before going to party, there’s a chance I will overindulged. If you are trying to avoid overeating, these tips are great ways to start! Remember drinking, does add a lot of calories too, so carry a bottle of water with you or pick one up on the way to the party. That way you’ll have something refreshing in your hand, and most people won’t ask about since it is so commonplace things days. Plus, it will help you from over indulging on adult beverages. Take a look at the video, and if you know of other suggestions post them in the comment section below! A reminder, some of the links above may be Amazon Affiliate links, and I do make a small fee if you purchase something using them. However, you don’t pay more, but the fee does help me pay for the site. Thanks in advance for your purchase, and for bookmarking the link, and buying often!  Video courtesy of Sixpack Shortcuts  

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