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Trader Joe's grocery stores pesto chicken wrap in a box

Trader Joe’s Pesto Chicken Wrap

My Review – Pesto chicken wrap with parmesan cheese, roasted red pepper & pesto vinaigrette. One of my favorites for lunch from my local store is Trader Joe’s pesto chicken wrap. It’s actually a treat for me to have this wrap, since it’s a bit more expensive than what I usually spend for my lunch. Not that it’s extremely pricey, it’s just that I don’t usually spend a lot for lunch. Maybe that’s just me. Recently the packaging has been changed for all the wraps and sandwiches at Trader Joe’s, going from a solid wrap with a cut in the middle to the current small box shown here. The new packaging actually does give you a better view of what the sandwich includes, and as you can see it’s a hearty wrap. Trader Joe’s pesto chicken wrap is a great sandwich for lunch and is very filling. The sandwich includes a hearty amount of chicken, crunchy vegetables, and an ample amount of pesto. Where will you find the wrap in your local store? In my store, they have now installed a separate location or case for their fresh salads, soups, and chilled sandwiches. As I have stated earlier, this is one of my favorite sandwiches or wraps from Trader Joe’s. Though, I will admit that I have several, and I keep finding new favorites every time they release a new one. Have you tried your local store’s wrap? Is it one of your favorites too, or do you have other favorites? Post your thoughts, or your favorites to try below. A reminder that the links on this page may be affiliate links, including some that are Amazon Affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. I may also receive compensation from other vendors, but you do not however

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Shelves filled with skeleton platers with plants at Trader Joe's

Halloween Food and Decor at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s offers some fun Halloween food & decorations this year. My local Trader Joe’s never ceasing to surprise me with the fun foods, and home decor items that they offer each year during the holidays. This Halloween, I think that they may have taken it up a notch with all the great food and holiday decor that they are offering. These are a few of the Halloween themed foods that my local store is offering for Halloween this year. Also, they have added, as well as the fall-themed products, a selection of home decor items with the Halloween theme. Take a look at the great skull (I guess that is what they are) planters, with plants that they are offering. (see above) They are so fun, and would really be sharp for your Halloween decor. Plus you get a great plant for your home as a bonus! I was speaking to one of my favorite associates at my local store when I was in the snack aisle this week, and she pointed out these ghosts and bats potato chips. I think that they are chips, though I will need to grab a bag or two next time I am in the store to confirm. The ghosts and bats chips are all shaped like, you guessed it, ghosts and bats. They are too fun, and I think that they would be a blast to serve at a Halloween party. They would definitely start a conversation much more than your typical Lays potato chip! As would be typical, you can’t just have regular pumpkins. They also have this selection of colorful pumpkins and gourds (or perhaps they are all pumpkins) for sale. At my local store, they were in a large box just outside the front of the store. They were

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Large carpenter bee on a wooden fence or board - How to get rid of carpenter bees - The Mature Man .com

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Bees

Protecting your home from carpenter bees; repelling them, or killing them naturally. If you are like me, you may be scared to death when you see carpenter bees flying around. Well, I wouldn’t really say that I am scared to death, but having been stung as a child more than my fair share, I don’t like seeing them buzzing about in the same space that I am in. The truth is, carpenter bees very rarely sting someone. The male actually cannot sting. I don’t want to ask first, “are you a male or female”? The female only stings when provoked. I guess, tip # 1, don’t provoke her! What carpenter bees can do is damage the soft wood of a home, and that is the problem. I have seen firsthand, they love the soft wood of decking, outdoor hand-rails, and other similar wood structures. In short order, at first they can damage the wood with their bore holes, but over years if left un-treated, they can weaken the wood, perhaps to the point of failure. Some Carpenter Bee Facts Carpenter bees like to nest in the soft wood of trees, homes (decks, window seals, and similar), and other structures like pagodas. As stated above, the male cannot sting you, but the female can if she is provoked. Carpenter bees can be as long as 1 inch, but are as short as 1/4 inch. Most are similar in size to a bumble bee however. The abdomen, or back-end of the carpenter bee is shiny black, and most often hairless, making its body parts more distinct (scary) of those of a the common bumblebee. Other colors that you might see in carpenter bees are green, purplish, and of course the more common seen in our area, black. My personal observation is that

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