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How to Install a Ring Doorbell - pushing the doorbell on a white door

How to Install a Ring Doorbell

DIY Video on How to Install a Ring Doorbell Installing a Ring doorbell is an easy task for most people as it is. That is unless you are me, in which case I have to slow myself down and actually read the instructions, or in this case watch the video. Most likely more than once! With a Ring doorbell with video, they make it even easier since they give you almost everything you need to get the job done. (patience not included) You have several options usually including hardwired or battery, but each Ring doorbell option is different, so get the one that works best for your lifestyle. The video below is pretty detailed, and includes all the steps from unboxing the Ring doorbell, to the tools you need to the actual install. I would suggest watching on an iPad if you have one, so you can stop and start it easily as you go through each step. Of course Ring does include a great help line from what I am told, so you can always reach out to them for help. Don’t have a Ring yet, but are just considering getting one? See the images below the video for all the options currently available from Amazon (note affiliate links, see bottom of page for details) for not only doorbells, but other Ring equipment. I hope that this video is helpful. Feel free to post any challenges, or successes you have with installing your Ring doorbell in the comment section below! Read Reviews and Shop Ring Doorbells Click on any image to read reviews, check specifications, or see pricing for the many options from Ring. You can also purchase any product using the images below. Ring and Other Manufacturers of Video Doorbell Not sure if you want to buy a Ring video doorbell, and want to see

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Bought a new home, change the locks. Man with drill putting in new door locks.

Change the Locks!

Just bought a new home? Change the locks, NOW! So you looked and looked and looked, and you found the perfect house. You negotiated, you inspected, and you moved in. Now, what do you need to do? You need to change the locks. Well, the first thing you should do, perhaps even before the big move-in, is changing the locks, both front and back! Watch the video below to learn more about the locking systems used on a house. Why it is so important to change the locks on doors, both front and back. Also, the video will show you the installation methods for installing exterior (or interior) door locks on your new home (or existing). Also, the video explains why it is so important to change the locks as soon as you close or get the keys to your new place. If you might need the locks before your move, see the sections below for a great selection of door locking systems, and accessories. Click on any of the images to read reviews, get specifications, and to see current pricing. Shop for Mechanical Exterior Door Locks These are the more “traditional” locking systems that we are most used to. Click on any image for more details of these mechanical locks for the exterior doors of your home. Shop Electronic Exterior Door Locking Systems Are you ready for an upgrade, now that you have a new home? These are the latest in electronic locks for your home. Some of these are the newer pushbutton type locks, and others are even newer technologies that incorporate your mobile phone, and incorporate cameras in the locking system. Great for keeping an eye on your home when you are away. Interior Electronic and Traditional Door Locking Mechanisms While upgrading your locks on the exterior

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Insurance book - homeowners insurance 101

What Is Homeowners Insurance

Why do you need homeowners insurance? Time to find out! When buying a home, and using a lender (which most of us do), you will need to purchase homeowners insurance. Much like renters insurance, homeowners insurance covers the personal property you have inside your new home. Yet, unlike renters insurance, it does a lot more than that. The video below explains the six (6) parts that make up homeowners insurance, why those six parts are important, and why you have to have it. And, as I said before, lenders will most likely require it. Should you watch the video, and have more questions, I would be happy to try to answer. Most likely though I will refer you to a few insurers that my clients have recommended, and that they trust with their insurance needs. Featured Books About Homeowners Insurance To learn more about homeowners insurance, how to keep records, and what it does and does not cover, here are some books that might help. For more information, reviews, or other best-selling titles, click on any image below. Featured Books on How to Purchase a Home Will this be your first home? Maybe it’s been a long time since you last bought? This selection of best- selling titles may help with any questions that you may have, or how to get started. Click on any image below to learn more, read reviews, and also to shop other top titles. A reminder that the links on this page may be affiliate links, including some that are Amazon Affiliate links. I may earn a small commission for qualifying purchases through the links (at not cost to you). This does not change my opinion of the product or service, but does help to support the site. Thank you! Don’t forget to check out my Amazon

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How to choose and install laundry appliances - pile of clothes and white appliances

How to Choose and Install Laundry Appliances

Shopping for new laundry appliances? Reliability is only one of the considerations for choosing and install laundry appliances If you shop for appliances, you will want to find out how to determine what is the most reliable brand of washers and dryers. Yet, there are other considerations to be determined when deciding how to choose and install laundry appliances. No, not all washers and dryers are the same. Depending on your budget, how often you will be using it, and how you will be using it, will determine what type of clothes washer, and ultimately what type of dryer you will need. Check out the video below to learn more about washers and dryers, and how choosing the right type will help you not only in doing your laundry but also save money too! Top and Front Load Washers Currently Available If you might be considering purchasing a new washer, check out these well-priced options. Your budget is the biggest consideration, but like the video above suggests, also consider energy usage, and how often you will be doing laundry. Also, you will want to read the reviews, and perhaps consult with publications like Consumer Reports to find what is the most reliable brand(s) of washers and dryers. Click on any image below to see options, descriptions, specifications, and reviews. Also, click on images to see other manufacturers’ machines. Buying a New Washer, You May Want to Consider a New Dryer Too?! As the video suggests, when you buy a new washer, you may want to replace your dryer as well. Today’s, dryers are so much more energy-efficient versus those of years ago, so buying a new one now will most likely save you money. Click on the images below to see details of each dryer, and read reviews. Also, clicking

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A small creek on a sunny day - best schitts creek quotes

Schitt’s Creek Quotes

Best quotes on Schitt’s Creek Quotes from David, Moira, Alexis, Stevie, Roland & Johnny After your first time watching, you know that the Canadian TV show Schitt’s Creek has some great quotes, and fun one-liners. The television show is being offered with the exception of the last season on Netflix. (that will come later this year) If you don’t have Netflix, perhaps your local cable operator offers PopTV (mine does) because it is also shown there, including the sixth and final season. If you don’t have either, you most likely have at least heard about Schitt’s Creek. I like many of you had heard about it for a while, even my youngest sister saying that “I would love it”. However, I never got around to checking it out until I noticed again that it was on Netflix. I then checked it out for the first episode. Well, all I can say is, “what took me so long”?! The first episode of Schitt’s Creek introduces you to the Rose family, Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis. The first episode starts with this very rich family, a bit over-the-top rich even, being greeted at the door by federal agents. Essentially from that scene, we watch them lose everything. Well, they don’t quite lose everything, but close. Moira gets to keep her many wigs. She and the rest of the family get their extravagant, and very fashion-forward wardrobes to take with them. Another item that they get to keep, they don’t have to pack into a box, bag, or suitcase. It’s the small Canadian (we assume since the show is filmed in Canada) town of Schitt’s Creek, named after the family of its Mayor. Well, I don’t want to give the details of the show away, let’s just say after their arrival to Schitt’s

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Trader Joe's Mistletoe ready for the Christmas holiday

Trader Joe’s Mistletoe

Old-Fashion Mistletoe Bunched with a Red Bow, Perfect for Gift Giving Trader Joe’s is offering again this year their old-fashion cardboard boxes of mistletoe, bunched with a small red bow. My local store had this item last year and it appeared to be a great hit. I seem to remember that it sold out pretty early in the season. This year my local store appears to have a large inventory of the mistletoe, but who knows how fast it may sell? I will have to check later this week. It is marketed as being “real” mistletoe, and that it is. You may want to note though that I would call it “processed” since it has had its color enhanced to a pretty shade of green by the use of some sort of paint. As you can see above that the mistletoe seems to be one of the more common varieties you see, which from my understanding there are many to choose from. A note is that the mistletoe does come with a nice red ribbon, which makes it even more festive. The ribbon also adds some nice color against the green of the mistletoe. I’m not sure if this would be a suitable option for a lapel if you ever thought of that idea. Too big, and perhaps messy. However, Trader Joe’s mistletoe would look great hanging over a doorway. Once you hang it, the tradition is that you find your sweetie, or someone you care about it, and catch them under the mistletoe. The plan then is that you might kiss under the mistletoe. I would suggest asking the prospective kissee (?) first, especially these days. You don’t want to have a cold reception, or worse. At my local Trader Joe’s the mistletoe was priced very affordably. It would

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