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White cat with blue eyes - how to hide a cat litter box

Hidden Litter Box Furniture

HGTV – DIY – How to hide your cat’s litter box from view. Having trouble figuring out where to store your kitties litter box? Can’t quite come up with a way to allow your pet to find their “place” in your home, but still not allowing it to be in the way of others, or be an eyesore to guests? How about either building or buying hidden litter box furniture?! This idea for storing a cat litter container offered by HGTV is a creative fix,. Yet is a relatively easy solution for storing your cats litter box. All the while this DIY project still allows the box to be functional, yet out of the way. What I like about it is that you can buy the elements you need easily, either from Amazon like these units below, or if you prefer you can get the cabinet from your local hardware store, like Lowes, or Home Depot. You will also need some tools, so make sure to watch the video to make a list of the specialty tools you will need. Having had a cat, I know how difficult it can be to find the perfect set-up for your cat’s litter box, but of all that I have seen this is one of the better ones, especially if you have the space in your kitchen, mud room, or bath. DIY Cat Litter Box Furniture for the Home or Office If you are handy around the house, watch this video for a great idea on how to build a cat litter container yourself. Keep your cat’s litter box out-of-sight, yet convenient for your kitty. Base Cabinets for Your Cat’s New Litter Box Furniture Don’t have the aptitude, or perhaps desire to build something for your home? Not a problem, here are a

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