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Man Sleeping on His Back

Getting Enough Sleep and What Happens When I Don’t

The “Roller-Coaster” Ride When I Don’t Get Enough Sleep Getting more sleep is not as easy as it sounds in our fast-paced world these days is it? They say at a minimum a person should have at least six hours, and for the many of us seven, eight, or even more is best. I have grown up to being one of the eight-hour sorts, but I don’t get those needed hours that often. Last night when I was doing some late work, with the absence of really anything quality that I felt like watching on TV, I realized that if I really wanted to get eight hours, it was time for bed. So, that is what I did, I went to bed. As I approached my nightstand, I told Siri to set the alarm for eight hours later. Sure that may mean not a full-eight hours, but it would be close enough considering that I was already tired, and I knew that I wouldn’t be awake lying in bed too long. I rarely toss and turn. My routine upon going to bed is usually to just get my iPad, start to read an automobile, or some other light-reading magazine, and usually within pages, I find myself being sleepy. Usually not more than 15 – 20 minutes tops. Last night, instead of reading though, I instead decided that I would watch something light in nature on Netflix. Much like when I read a magazine, I found myself ready to turn off the light within about 15 minutes. I didn’t see much of that show. Eight full hours later, yes I hit the snooze alarm on my iPhone for an hour, I felt rested, and focused. Of course some of that could be the coffee, but I like to think that it was

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Should I Stop Watching Political Shows on TV?

If I Stopped Watching Political Television, Would That Make Life Better? I woke up this morning, trying to get my thoughts clear in my head. As I often do, I opened up my diary, and started to download the day from yesterday, and any thoughts bouncing around in my head today. One of the first thoughts that came bounding out was about a sense of stress that I had carried over from the night before. It was a stress, that had worsened toward the end of the night, due to watching about three (3) hours of political television. I work some pretty long days usually, and with me trying to diversify my income, and have something that I really enjoy doing, instead of just a job, I usually work well into the night. Those long work days will usually end around either eight, or nine. What do I do then? Well, I settle into my well-worn sofa, to watch some TV. What do I watch at such a late hour, just hours before I should be in bed? Well, I will turn on the TV, and watch political television shows. Well, I guess it’s supposed to be called news, but in reality these days, TV especially at night is pretty much nothing but politics, and posturing about politics. In my journal this morning, I wrote this: Should I stop watching politics? I mean, really what does it help? All it does is make me stew about things out of my control? When I read back what I had written in my journal, I realized I have a big problem, and a big question to answer for myself. Is watching the news at night really helping me? Is it something that enriches my life? Being informed about the goings on in the

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Mature Man Standing on a Scale

Is It Harder for a Mature Man to Diet?

And Should I Even Bother? Being a mature man, I often ask myself if it is really harder for me to diet, or does it just seem that way versus when I was younger? I also ask myself, should I really care how much I weigh, or rather should I be fastidious about caring about it. Using the apps, standing on the scale nearly every day, stuff like that. In the past seven years or so, I have seen my weight increase by some fifty pounds. Yes, I typed it aloud, fifty pounds. Wow! That is the size of a 5 or 6-year-old isn’t it?! I’m not really sure what happened. I know when I turned 50, I was pretty much the same weight that I had been for many years. I don’t even remember if I ever checked my scale in those years. I am sure I was weighed at the doctor, so that is probably one reason I remember my weight. Another reason that I remember my weight being much less, is that back then I was wearing at most a size 34 pant, and now I am up to a 40. Yuck! Sorry, to anyone else that wears a size 40, it’s just not something that I thought that I would ever do. So, now 50+ pounds later I ask myself, should I diet? Well, obviously the answer is “yes”, since there is no medical reason for me to be gaining all this weight. Well, nothing medical, but age! What I am now finding out though is that dieting is really hard now. I used to be able to feel full, and control my weight without finding myself starving each night. Trying to stay at 2,000 calories is a bummer. Even keeping my calorie intake to 2,000

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Yoga Guy Yoga for Men for Beginners

Yoga for Men for Beginners

If you have considered starting to do yoga, or are just curious as to what it even is, you may enjoy this video. I know myself, I have a client who is a sixty plus year-old man tell me he does yoga several times a week, and he swears that is why he looks, and feels so much younger than his years. That made it worth considering for myself, because he looks amazing and has crazy great energy all the time! Man Flow Yoga is the presenter in the video, and the instructor shows 7-8 yoga poses that I dare say that anyone could do. Most are for stretching, but all you can do in the comfort of your own home. You won’t need any special equipment or anything, and really just need to be wearing shorts, and a t-shirt. (of course, if you feel compelled to have a yoga mat, you can buy one here, and using the link helps me pay for the site, thanks) The video is relatively short, so take a look at it and let me know if it might have convinced you to start having a yoga class, or session or two of yoga in your weekly health, and fitness routine. Post your comments below, and lets see how many of us add yoga to our regimen. Take a look at the great books, accessories and clothing that now features for men’s yoga, who knew. Click here, use the link, and help me pay for the site. And it doesn’t cost you anymore to help, thanks!

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