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Yoga Guy Yoga for Men for Beginners

Yoga for Men for Beginners

If you have considered starting to do yoga, or are just curious as to what it even is, you may enjoy this video. I know myself, I have a client who is a sixty plus year-old man tell me he does yoga several times a week, and he swears that is why he looks, and feels so much younger than his years. That made it worth considering for myself, because he looks amazing and has crazy great energy all the time! Man Flow Yoga is the presenter in the video, and the instructor shows 7-8 yoga poses that I dare say that anyone could do. Most are for stretching, but all you can do in the comfort of your own home. You won’t need any special equipment or anything, and really just need to be wearing shorts, and a t-shirt. (of course, if you feel compelled to have a yoga mat, you can buy one here, and using the link helps me pay for the site, thanks) The video is relatively short, so take a look at it and let me know if it might have convinced you to start having a yoga class, or session or two of yoga in your weekly health, and fitness routine. Post your comments below, and lets see how many of us add yoga to our regimen. Take a look at the great books, accessories and clothing that now features for men’s yoga, who knew. Click here, use the link, and help me pay for the site. And it doesn’t cost you anymore to help, thanks!

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Saturday Morning Gym Reminder - Runner

Saturday Morning Gym Reminder

Setting Goals to Do Something for Yourself Like many Saturday mornings, I stand ready to try to figure out what I am going to do today? Yes, actually like many of you, I have a long “to-do” list. I have many things to get done today, and this weekend. Something about making a list of tasks to get done. It makes me believe that I have the power in my life, that I could actually do what I want to do, versus what needs or has to be done. Yes, like many Saturdays I plan to work on my blogging, concentrating on content. Like many Saturdays, I should also work on my other business, which needs constant attention. No, I don’t like that it needs constant attention, but it pays the bills for the most part, so I have to give it that credit. What I added to my list today, that I had really not thought about adding was a return to the gym. I have struggled with getting there lately, and though paying my monthly fee religiously (yes they auto deduct), I still have not gone to the gym for over a month. No, I have not been a total slug, I have gone for a long walk every few days. Yes, I have done a bit better at that, and even this morning, a walk to the dumpster, prompted me to think that today was the day to get back to the gym. Did the dumpster trip make me remember that I have a gym membership? Did my walk, remind me that I can do more for my health? No, it was actually something else entirely. While I was walking to the dumpster, with both hands full of trash, a man probably not quite half my age

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Avoid Overeating for Weight Loss - balloons

Tips to Avoid Overeating and Weight Gain

Enjoying the Party While Sticking to Your Diet This video offers tips on how to avoid overeating at parties, especially holiday parties, and the weight gain that comes with it. With the holidays being just around the corner, I thought this would be useful to publish. Plus for me it’s always good to be reminded. I found the video pretty helpful, because even though some of the tips already knew, there were others that I found were good to be reminded of again. One of the suggestions that I found a be really beneficial, was the idea that you plan to eat before you go to the party, so you won’t be tempted by the various sweets, and other items that are usually being served. I know myself if I don’t eat light, or not all before going to party, there’s a chance I will overindulged. If you are trying to avoid overeating, these tips are great ways to start! Remember drinking, does add a lot of calories too, so carry a bottle of water with you or pick one up on the way to the party. That way you’ll have something refreshing in your hand, and most people won’t ask about since it is so commonplace things days. Plus, it will help you from over indulging on adult beverages. Take a look at the video, and if you know of other suggestions post them in the comment section below! A reminder, some of the links above may be Amazon Affiliate links, and I do make a small fee if you purchase something using them. However, you don’t pay more, but the fee does help me pay for the site. Thanks in advance for your purchase, and for bookmarking the link, and buying often!  Video courtesy of Sixpack Shortcuts  

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Day One - The Mature Man

Day One at the Gym

What it felt like being back Today was day one at the gym. My 100 day challenge for going to the gym for 100 days in a row has begun. Yay, for me…..I’m already pooped! I saw my former trainer today Chris, and he looked surprised that I was there. I guess he had reason to be since it had been about 3 weeks since I saw him last, and he commented “where have you been”  that time. Before that, I guess it had been almost a month, so I guess that he had good reason to comment. After working out with me for so many months, perhaps he was discouraged how quickly I fell off the wagon. You know, I was asking myself that today when I was on the treadmill. How did I go from going to the gym 3 – 4 days a week on average, and being there every morning usually around 5:30 or so, to not going at all? In the course of the weeks, months that I wasn’t going regularly, I have seen myself gain back ALL the weight that I had lost. What’s more concerning is that I feel rotten, sorta smushy and bloated all the time. Tiredness is common, and not sleeping. Not good for anyone, especially a more mature man. Sure, I have made some bad food choices, like too many sweets, fried foods, etc. Some days I would use my app to keep track, but most days I just gave up even trying to count. I knew that I was pigging out, and I guess that I was ok with it. Well, not really. One time when I was working out with Chris he gave me this bit of advice which said had helped him. He told me that I

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A One Day Delay - Sparklers

A One Day Delay

Blame it on the Firecrackers and Cake Today I had planned to start my 100 day challenge, but there has been a one day delay. Well, some of my challenge is not delayed, the parts about blogging for 100 days in a row is actually on day two, that is if I complete today. I don’t see any reason that I wouldn’t, so day two is in the can as they say. The part of the challenge that I had to wait on was the gym in the morning at 5 a.m. That definitely did not happen today! Some little details that I forgot is that starting the gym after gorging yourself on good food, later in the day than you usually eat,  is not a good day after to start a challenge like this. The day after a holiday that includes rockets in the air late at night, is definitely NOT a good day after to start a wake up early routine. What I found is that I went to bed full. Full of thoughts about some of the crazy, and sometimes frustrating discussions that were had at the table. Then, after finally settling into bed, then hearing “pop pop pop”, “boom” etc. for hours did not help me to get to sleep at any reasonable hour to have a self-inflicted 4:30 a.m. wake-up call. Dinner for me is usually at 5 or so, since I work from home. Sure there are exceptions, but being a bit older, and I laugh at myself, I do like to eat pretty early. Sometimes, I feel like I can barely wait! I understand now how restaurants like to do early bird deals for more mature people, and seniors. It’s because they know that they get hungry earlier in the day. That’s when

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