Calvin Klein Classic Crew Neck T-Shirt

Guy in jeans wearing a white what looks like Calvin Klein t-shirt with his thumb ion one of his belt loops - Calvin Keling White T-shirt - A classic

The “Classic” Crew Neck – Still my favorite T-shirt after all these years.

After all these years since they were first introduced, a man cannot go wrong by wearing a Calvin Klein white T-shirt.

A staple of fashion in most men’s closets. You can wear a Calvin under a nice dress shirt for comfort.

You can wear a Calvin Klein tee under a casual shirt or even alone. Wear a white t-shirt with a nice pair of denim or khakis. The options are nearly endless.

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Calvin Klein sold their first white t-shirts starting in the ’80s, and even then I was a big fan.

Of course, back in the 80’s money was a bit limited for me, since I was living at my parents and babysitting, but when I could I bought my Calvin’s.

Well, today things are a bit different, but the Calvin Klein, classic fit, 100% cotton crew neck T-shirt remains the same.

What I like the most about my Calvin’s is that they last so long. Washing after washing they always look great.

So many T-shirts I have bought in the past, when I have tried to save money, just didn’t hold up. Often those shirts lose their color and their shape after a few launderings.

My Calvin Klein white T-shirt always stays white (if you buy the white tees of course), and the neck always holds it’s shape, no matter how many washings.

Speaking about the neckline, I have another favorite thing about Calvin Klein tees other than durability.

To this day I have never found a T-shirt that looks as great under a button-down shirt, or sweater where the tee might show.

Under a V-neck sweater, or low crew, just enough of the collar of the tee might show, and it makes a nice contrast.

If you wear button-down shirt, the crispness of the tee looks great, and really polishes the look.

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So, if you are shopping for underwear, more specifically T-shirts, you owe it to yourself to consider buying some Calvin’s. I don’t think that you will be disappointed.

Oh, by the way in case you were wondering, Calvin Klein does offer this shirt in V-neck too!

Also, you can get the same great quality tee in black, as well as white. They also offer other colors too, see them here!

I have both colors black and white, and they are good to have for your basics. Just make sure you are a little more careful when washing your black shirts so they hold their color.

Drop me a line, what brand of T-shirts do you buy? Do you even wear a T-shirt, since some men don’t? Do you wear a tee any other way other than those that I just mentioned? Use the comment box below and let me know your thoughts.

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