Video – At 50, Can I Build My Body?

Can I build my body when I am man of a more mature age?

When I decided to start on this website, I did a bit of research, trying to decide what I was even going to write about. I know at 50 plus, I am struggling with my health a LOT these days, so I thought that maybe I would go in that direction.

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As I searched the internet, trying to drill down on what I was planning to write about, or maybe just even figure out what was on my mind, I stumbled on this video question by Lee Hayward.

I don’t know who Lee Hayward is, perhaps I am supposed to, but I did like that he was taking a question from a guy just like me, and answering it honestly. Maybe a bit too much so for some!

The question is pretty telling about why it’s so much more challenging at 50 plus to get to the gym, survive a workout, and see results. I guess that I knew these things, but maybe I just hadn’t thought them all the way through.

He points out, that in your 50’s your body doesn’t react to the gym as it did in your twenties. Well, that is assuming if you even went to the gym in your twenties, which I know that I did not. No time, with all the partying, etc. I needed to do first.

Anyway, watch the video, and let me know what you think. Does it apply to you too, has Lee figured it out?

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