Best Bedroom Fan for White Noise

When you like to use a fan in the bedroom to have white noise.

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If you are like me getting a good night’s sleep is a rare occurrence. It seems really hard to do nowadays with so much going on in the world.

However, getting a good night’s sleep is so important, so we have to do whatever we can to do our best to get one.

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Something that I realized when I was a small boy was that for me to get any type of rest, I had to have noise in the bedroom. A faint hum or buzz in the background. Nothing jarring, but ambient noise.

In my parent’s first home in the ’60s when I was a small boy, we didn’t have air conditioning. That was quite normal then, even though it was a new home and we were what you would call even then “middle class”.

So my Mom and Dad provided me as well as my sisters both small oscillating fans.

I was always delighted to see the fans be brought up from the basement because that meant that they would help keep us cool. The summers here are very hot, and oh so humid.

The small fans would gently move the breeze about my head, pulling in the slightly cooler night air from the open window. Yes, in the 60’s we would leave our windows open at night. Even with me having horrible allergies back then and even now.

The other reason I liked having the fan, even though I didn’t realize it until my later years was that I liked the noise that the fan would make.

Something about that faint roar of the fan, and hearing the gears inside moving about to keep it oscillating. It was very soothing, but there was something else that I wouldn’t realize till years later.

Now as I’ve gotten older I have developed some ringing in the ears, like many people my age. So, having a fan in the room is even more important.

That ringing in the ears otherwise known as tinnitus can keep me awake in a still room. The constant chirping, or bells ringing in my ears can become quite frustrating when I am trying to sleep.

Yes, there are some over-the-counter treatments for tinnitus such as these, but I will be honest I haven’t tried any of those yet. I hear (no pun intended) that some work quite well.

So for me when I’m here at home I have a small personalized size fan sitting on the floor toward the base of my bed.

The fan that I have and that I have used for many years is this one.

No products found.

My small fan doesn’t oscillate, nor does it move a lot of air (I have a/c now, and a ceiling fan, so not as important). It does however make a faint noise that helps me to drown out the tinnitus and its ringing and helps me to sleep.

Even when I’m traveling I like to have the background noise, but in most instances, the air conditioning in the hotel room will make enough noise to allow me to sleep.

Most hotels will have a PTAC unit in the room which always makes a good bit of noise of its motor.

Even those hotels with other types of air conditioning systems, always seem to make just the right amount of background noise.

I love sleeping in hotels but don’t we all, and not just for that reason. Can we say, always clean sheets and towels if we want them!

For me, a small fan at the base of the bed does just fine. Other people that I know that have the same conditions say that they have to have the air blowing on them, or oscillating in the room.

Especially in the warmer months of summer as we have now a larger box fan can we an option for some people. They usually are your most economical to buy and are often just a bit louder.

Below are the three (3) of the top sellers according on Amazon.

A box fan also provides a bit more directed air-flow. That is especially helpful if it is hot in your bedroom.

One reason I think that people like having box fans in the room is that it does make a good amount of noise, which I assume could be pretty comforting.

A box fan can be a dual purpose in its tasks. If you’re in a home with not the best ventilation or perhaps you don’t have air conditioning a box fan can supplement your homes a/c, or help to keep you cool in general.

Some of my friends have told me that they like having an oscillating fan in their bedrooms. They like to have the air moving around, as well as the sound of the motor.

For me, a ceiling fan accomplishes the task of moving the air just fine but it doesn’t make any real noise. That’s why I have to have a small fan at the base of the bed.

Below are five (5) of the best selling fans currently on Amazon. These are box style fans which like I said tend to be more popular in the northern reaches of the US and in other cooler climates. They can certainly serve a dual purpose.

If you’re like me and you just have to have a little bit of static noise, a small personal sized fan will do the trick. The model below is the one that I currently have.

No products found.

As I said earlier some of my friends swear by having an oscillating fan. They not only get the ambient noise, but they also get the air movement.

Below here are the three of the best sellers that Amazon currently carries. Click on any image to see more details on a particular fan or to see other options available.

Of course you could always retrofit your house and do a whole house fan.

Our second home which didn’t have our air-conditioning either we did have what we called an attic fan. Those are now known as a whole-house fan and are fantastic to go to sleep to.

Here is one that is similar to the attic fans that we had. If you click on the image you will see reviews and other attic fan options. (keep in mind, these have to be installed in most cases, so you will need to coordinate that)

So as you can see no matter what you choose you do have a lot of options if you are a person like myself who has to have a bit of noise in the bedroom to be able to get a sound nights sleep.

Plus another reason to get a small fan is to drown out your partners snoring. That’s a reason to get a fan right there wouldn’t you agree?

Are you someone who has trouble sleeping at night because the stillness of the night? Do you have to use a fan? If you are post your comments below of how you are able to get a good nights sleep.

Have other suggestions on how to deal with the stillness of the night perhaps another device that you use? If you do you can post your suggestions in the comment section below too. I look forward to reading them.

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