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How to decide which eight (8) person camping tents are best for you and your group?

Best 8 person camping tents - The Mature Man blog.

If you are traveling in a large group or are like me and you like to have plenty of room for your stuff, having any one of the larger 8 person tents would be desired, if not mandatory.

Verus using a smaller tent, having an eight-person, or perhaps even more massive tent, allows you to keep your clothing, camp gear, and other delicate items out of the dew at night, the moisture of the day course from rainy days when they might show themselves.

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Having a larger-size tent such as 8 person tents or larger also allows you to accommodate the largest groups, either when friends are traveling all together or perhaps as a family.

Or if you choose, so that you have one tent that is a congregating location that is enclosed when only traveling. Perfect when inclement weather is not just forecast but most likely to happen.

Either way, selecting the right 8-person camping tent can be a challenge. There are so many things to consider when choosing to buy your first large tent.

Things to Consider When Buying a Large 8 Person Camping Tent

First, you want the tent to be light. Yes, that is a requirement since having a heavy tent can make it very burdensome when you are traveling.

If you have a heavier weight tent, you will have trouble getting it into the car from where you store it if it is too heavy or cumbersome with the material and the posts.

You will also find it a chore to set your tent up if it’s heavy, having to lug it from your auto to the campsite. Most campsites, even if car camping is not as close as we might light it to be.

Another factor to account for when selecting a tent, especially a large one like one made for eight-persons or more, is that you want it easy to set up.

There is nothing worse than arriving at your campsite and having the chore of figuring out many instructions, pole locations, and the like. All that effort just to set-up your tent.

If you are like me on the few instances that you can actually get away for a weekend and even get to go camping and enjoy the great outdoors, the last thing you want is to have to wrestle a tent in getting it set up.

The third consideration you will want to have when selecting a tent to purchase is that you want to make sure that it is durable.

Camping tents can be quite expensive, especially the larger sizes, and you certainly don’t want to throw away your money by getting a tent that is not durable.

When its camping season, you will want to be able to go to your garage or basement, grab your tent, and hit the road. When you arrive at your campsite, you will want to know that it is still intact and ready to use from the previous year or camping trip.

One last note about confirming your camping tent’s durability and how to determine it, check the poles, etc. I have learned the hardware, as some of my friends have as well, is that you might want to consider setting up your tent in your yard for a few days in advance of your trip. That is if you have a yard to set one up in.

What that will allow is for your tent to “air out” also for it to get rid of the musty smells that tents often get.

Another reason or one that may be more specific to me is that when you air out your tent, it allows you to get the critters out of it that often like to take up house in it when you store in your garage or basement.

There is nothing worse than arriving at your campsite, you set up your tent, and it smells of mold (or perhaps even has some on it).

Worse yet is that some “occupants” that you immediately have to deal with living in your tent as soon as you try to set up your air mattress, sleeping bags, and other gear.

Yes, I learned this the hard way. Spiders and bugs in general LOVE tents.

Below are some of the best selling eight-person tents as rated by Amazon. I’m not sure how they calculate, but it’s updated in real-time is my understanding.

A suggestion on any tent and any camping gear for that matter is also to read the reviews. That is always the best way to get real-world information, how they handle, their durability, how the tent is for ease of use, and its “fun” factor.

Best Selling 8 Person Tents

These are the eight (8) best selling camping tents according to Amazon as of this week. These are based on their statistics, and criteria for sales.

A suggestion for you is to always read the reviews of each tent. Just because a tent is best selling, does not mean that it is best for you, your family and friends.

8 Person Tents with Screen Porch

When you have one of the larger tents, even though you have a lot more space than most, there are some items that you just don’t want to be in the tent with you.

Shoes would be one item, especially when wet or covered in mud, you would not want to be in your camping tent.

Also, when it is really hot and humid, having a screen porch on the outside of your tent can be nice. Especially if a tree canopy is hard to find, or if it might be raining, or just drizzling.

Here are a few camping tents that offer a screen porch, as well as sleeping for eight (8).

Camping Tents for Eight (8) People that Have Rooms

Much like camping tents that have a screened-in area outside the main tent, having a tent with rooms can offer some of the same options.

One option, like a screen porch on a tent is to have a room where you can store muddy or wet shoes, or other equipment. That way it is not left outside in the elements, or where it is not secure.

Another reason that you might want to have a room is so that campers can be in one room sleeping, or lounging, yet another camper can be changing clothing in the separate room.

Perhaps he or she might be in the other room sleeping too, or that would be a space for another family to be together.

These are 8 person tents that have a separate room, or rooms in them.

No matter which tent you select, going camping with family and friends is always a great time.

As you can see camping tents are available in about every price point, but as well as the tent you will also need camping gear. You can pick up what you need at this link.

Do you have a favorite style or size of camping tent? Perhaps you have bought one recently and you want to share some criteria you used to pick out the perfect large camping tent.

Have a favorite brand of camping tent, or maybe gear you want to suggest? Post that in the comment section below to share with others. I am sure your advice would be helpful.

These days having family or friends around you is more important that ever, so whether just traveling down the road, or across the country to a national park, it will be a good time in a tent.

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