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Vegetables - How to Stick to a Nutrition Plan

How to Stick to a Nutrition Plan

How to Not Fall into the Diet Trap Knowing how to stick to a nutrition plan, especially for men over a certain age is a big challenge. Once you decide to make a change in your life, knowing what to eat, how much of it, and what NOT to eat, it’s a huge dilemma. Also, if you are like me, you are also challenged by not being able to eat like you used to. I know that right now I am very near the highest weight that I have ever weighed. I look in the mirror, and think to myself that I am not really eating that much differently than I did in my 20’s. Just this week I told my doctor during a routine physical, I don’t know why I continue to gain wight like I have been in the past four (4)  plus years? I know that I watch what I eat, very few processed foods, etc., yet I continue to gain weight. I don’t sit around very often eating bon bon’s, pizza, or go out to eat and eat a whole steak with a baked-potato with all the fixings. Yet, I am gaining weight like I have been eating all those things and more! What my doctor suggested is that as well as watching what I eat, I should also add exercise, even a little to my routine. I used to be very good at that, but with the demands of a career, it is very easy to get sidetracked. I find it very easy to say, “I will do it later”, and later never comes. Anyway, a bit of a rant on the topic of loosing weight, or rather not being able to lose it as easy as I once could. The video below got me

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